HPST biography
Hans Peter Stubbe Teglbjaerg (b. 1963) is educated in instrumental and electronic composition 
by Ib Noerholm and Ivar Frounberg (Royal Danish Academy of Music, Copenhagen), privatly by J.W. Morthenson (Stockholm), as well as in computer-composition at the "Institut voor Sonologie" (the Hague) 
and at IRCAM (Paris), where he was also employed as composer-in-research and teacher.
He has a keen interest in the physical-acoustic nature of instruments and the phenomenology of natural sounds. “To penetrate the sound, to compose the timbre” constitutes his real motivation to use modern technology when composing. While demanding an in-depth knowledge of modern musictechnology, this approach has resulted in international expertise in computeraided composition, synthesis and spatialisation. He also likes to involve himself with perfomance, interaction and diffussion of electronic music, as well as to collaborate with other artforms. He has composed instrumental and vocal works, for instruments and electronics, multichannel electroacoustic works, stagemusic as well as audiovisual installations and music for artvideos. 
He has participated in a number of international development projects of computertools for controlling soundsynthesis (IRCAM/LIEU), and has taught at numerous courses on soundsynthesis, computeraided composition and spatialisation. He teaches since 2001 at the Royal Danish Academy of Music in Electro-Acoustics. His music has mainly been performed in Europe and is released on CD at DaCapo, Media Artes, Kontrapunkt. A CD release of his electro-acoutisc works is available from this.
In 1996 he recieved a 3 year stipendium from the Art council of the state of Denmark; 
In 2009-11 he will be in residence with Aarhus Symphony Orchestra.
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